About us

Welcome to Priva’s Lab for Innovation. From our base in De Lier, Holland, we develop smart building technologies that offer a solution to some of the biggest challenges faced by governments, companies and individuals. Our portfolio of innovations is designed to balance the needs of human health and wellbeing with the transition to net zero emissions.

Part of Priva

Priva passionately believes in contributing to a sustainable future where a growing world population can live a healthy and comfortable life. Here at Priva’s Lab for Innovation (Lin), we have our own identity and our own ambitions, but we share a commitment to creating smarter, better buildings that support people’s health and wellbeing.

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The team

The Lab is all about people. We’re lucky enough to have some of cleverest minds powering the pace of innovation. Innovators, blue-sky thinkers, engineers and story-tellers. Every member of our team has a part to play.

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