Energy Optimizer town hall 'Berg en Dal'

The municipality of ‘Berg en Dal’ (35,000 inhabitants) is located between Nijmegen and the German border. Sustainability plays a major role in municipal policy. It is believed that the municipality should have an exemplary role and they have decided to be the first municipality in the Netherlands to apply the Energy Optimizer in the town hall.

  • Town hall
  • Groesbeek, The Netherlands
  • Saving energy
  • Reduce environmental footprint

Energy Optimizer - Results town hall 'Berg en Dal'

The first year of the project Town Hall ‘Berg en Dal’ shows the following savings:


Energy saving (energetic)   20%
Electra   1,5%
Financial savings   € 4,800
CO2 reduction (metric tons)   17,30


The Energy Optimizer saves gas and also limits CO2 emissions. That is of course a nice way to make things sustainable, but it also affects the indoor climate. I kept a close eye on that myself

Hans de Raef, Building Manager Berg en Dal

Energy Optimizer - Berg en Dal Town Hall, a practical example

De gemeente Berg en Dal (35.000 inwoners) ligt tussen Nijmegen en de Duitse grens. Duurzaamheid speelt een grote rol in het beleid. Men vindt dat de gemeente een voorbeeldfunctie heeft en besloot als eerste gemeente in Nederland de Energy Optimizer toe te passen in het gemeentehuis.


Hans de Raef: Building Manager Berg en Dal

"When it was explained to me exactly what the Energy Optimizer could mean in a large building, I was immediately enthusiastic. Because it is a completely new approach, I wanted an upfront guarantee on savings and I got it. Within the organization I managed to convince everyone of the necessity and usefulness of this measure. Budget was made available and the project could be started.


I emphasized beforehand that we are dealing with 250 users, who all have their own opinion about the indoor climate. The Energy Optimizer saves gas and also reduces CO2 emissions. Of course, this is a good way to make it more sustainable, but it also has an impact on the indoor climate. I kept a close eye on that myself. The great thing was that I could pass on my feedback directly to Niels de Jong of Cloud Energy Optimizer and that he could refine the settings remotely. Actually, the employees didn't notice anything, except for a few moments when it was a bit too cold. However, these were start-up problems and now that is no longer the case.


We have achieved great results and see even more opportunities to save energy. Besides the town hall, I also manage a swimming pool, which is one of the most energy-guzzling public buildings. The water must always have a temperature between 29 and 31 degrees Celsius. Outside the pool it should always be one degree higher. The Energy Optimizer could also mean a lot there”.


Bart de Poot: Director of Potec B.V., system integrator

“We are honored to be actively involved in this new service. Priva ECO brings new technology to the table. It takes some getting used to, but the big advantage is of course the energy savings that come with it.


In the week of the installation, the building manager, Hans de Raef, happened to have organized a ‘warm sweater week’. As a result, the employees did not notice the temperature fluctuations that occurred when adjusting Priva ECO. That was a nice bonus.


The municipality of ‘Berg en Dal’ is working on all kinds of solutions to be more responsible and sustainable. We could not tell them the exact outcome in advance. As a building manager, you do take a risk because 250 people work there. If something goes wrong with the temperature, everyone knocks on the door of the building manager. Ultimately, comfort is different for everyone, one wants to be nice and warm, the other prefers to work in a rather cool environment. You have to find a golden mean in that and you have succeeded”

ecoBuilding - saving energy, reducing CO2 footprint

Saving energy in existing buildings is often far-reaching and expensive. The Energy and Comfort Optimizer offers you the possibility to use much less energy without major modifications to your building or climate system. If you have renewable energy sources, the Energy Optimizer also uses them much more effectively. This leads to savings of 10 to 20% on your energy costs for the air-conditioning of your building. At the same time, you contribute to the achievement of international climate targets by reducing your CO2 footprint.

What ecoBuilding can do for you?

Learn how our intelligent, software manages energy and comfort in buildings and saves your energy.

The Energy Optimizer is a service that provides your building management system with additional information to help it control its climate installations even better. The self-learning and predictive Energy Optimizer software continuously takes into account weather conditions, the changing supply of renewable energy sources and energy prices.


The software, developed in collaboration with Priva, 'thinks' 24 hours ahead, anticipates changes in these factors, and uses the building's heat capacity to climatize as energy-efficiently as possible. Naturally, all of this is done while maintaining perfect and stable comfort levels.


The Energy Optimizer and Priva building management system are linked via an easy-to-install Cloud Connector to form a 'winning team': the first optimizes and the second ensures correct and robust operation of the climate installations and guarantees the operation in a building by falling back on the basic climate control in case of an emergency.



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