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ecoBuilding is an intelligent layer of cloud-based software that sits on top of your existing building management system. Using digital twin and AI technology, it predicts the energy needed to reach your desired climate conditions. To do that it takes data from a range of sources - weather forecast, thermal inertia and storage, building usage, sustainable energy - and it also takes flexible prices into account. This saves you money and energy and reduces CO2.

Energy and CO2 reduction

Empowering the path to lower CO2 emissions, reduced energy waste and, ultimately, savings of up to 40%.

Smart climate steering

Automatic, data-driven climate management - up to 72h in advance – ensures accurate, precise climate control.

Better comfort

Improved indoor climate and personal comfort delivers optimum working environments and happier tenants.

The numbers tell our story

Whether you run a hotel, high school, large residential space or an office complex, ecoBuilding delivers optimized comfort, reduced energy bills and a lower carbon footprint.

Integrated platform for all your energy plans

ecoBuilding delivers powerful insights in your installation performance. By steering your climate installations so that they operate at an optimum level, your building will be more sustainable.

Installation audit

ecoBuilding creates a virtual copy of your installation. We audit your complete climate installation and make it run perfectly. Any possible installation errors will be pinpointed.

24/7 smart steering

Now your installation runs perfectly, the digital twin AI engine will start. Smart steering based on accurate predictions will optimize your installation 24/7, saving up to 50% of energy and improving comfort.

Continuous improvements

Live data from your building's digital twin will give you exact insights on any further improvements on your building, climate installations and energy plans. No more worries about energy regulation compliance.

Savings guaranteed

The cost of implementing ecoBuilding depends on your building, your energy sources and your situation. However, the return on investment is always less than 5 years. We also offer an extra level of confidence with a guarantee on savings.

Payback period less than 5 years
Savings guaranteed
Proven technology

Stay ahead of complaints

No more surprises and a reduction in tenant complaints means you’ll feel in control. ecoBuilding plans 72 hours ahead and notifies you of possible comfort problems so that you can take swift action. With ecoBuilding, comfort is in your hands.

Data driven decisions

Using a combination of historical and real-time data on occupant behaviour, energy tariffs and weather forecasting, ecoBuilding makes smart decisions that automatically balance your energy load in the most cost-efficient way.

Improving comfort

Creating a perfectly optimized indoor climate helps your organisation’s people to feel comfortable, alert and productive. At a time when workplace wellbeing is at the top of the corporate agenda, it’s an essential tool.

We take care of implementation

Through our skilled and trustworthy partner network

Building the Digital Twin

Using drawings and other building information, we'll create a copy of your building.

Connect your BMS

Specialized Professionals will connect ecoBuilding to your existing building management system - allowing them to work together.


ecoBuilding starts learning and fine-tuning its algorithms to understand your building better.

ecoBuilding fits in well with our product philosophy for office buildings, because we promise high levels of comfort & sustainability, low maintenance costs and energy efficiency to our customers & employees.

Patrick Arnold, Energy Manager, Goldbeck

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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to install ecoBuilding?

ecoBuilding needs to be installed by one of our trained partners (we have a network of local companies who can help you). Here’s how our approved ecoPartners typically run a project: 1) Kick off and setting up the digital twin. 2) BMS integration by local installer or BMS supplier 3) Monitoring Assessment. Now that the system is connected, it will start collecting data and learn about your building 4) Go Live. ecoBuilding is now live and operational.

Are there any risks involved?

There are a few things to be aware of before starting an ecoBuilding project: 1) BMS integration: This will have to be done by the installer or BMS supplier, or the company who manages your BMS software. Although we have done this many times, with many different brands of BMS systems it’s always important to involve them from the kick-off. We recommend that they are fully aligned with the project and that you include them when planning the work. 2) Risk of extra work due to structural installation or building improvements: Unfortunately many buildings have long-standing issues with their building systems and mechanical plant. These problems often result in poor levels comfort and higher energy use. ecoBuilding will make these errors visible and sometimes, these problems will need to be solved! Usually, customers are pleased to know what is going on in their building. However, it’s important to know that solving these problems is not in scope of the ecoBuiling project and can result in extra cost.

Can I implement ecoBuilding myself?

Implementing ecoBuilding is a job for our network of approved partners who are trained to do this in a professional way.

What does ecoBuilding cost?

We work with you to build the business case – but, generally, projects have a very positive ROI and an payback time between 2 and 5 years.

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