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We regularly scan the horizon to understand the big issues and mega-trends that shape our world. Here you’ll find blogs and articles that explain how advanced building technologies can meet the needs of the next generation.

Energy transition: why instigating innovation will take us to a fossil-free future

The transformation of the global energy sector from fossil-based to renewables makes the latest energy transition the most challenging yet. This calls for unprecedented levels of innovation and cooperation.

Maturing technologies and ‘megatrends’: why innovation is unlocking a greener future

Encouraging ambitious projects and technological innovation will allow us to meet the challenges of the current global megatrends.

‘We’ll always have Paris’: why the climate deal is transforming the built environment forever

Achieving the goals of the Paris climate agreement calls for a pragmatic approach to the way we construct and use buildings.

Towards ‘Net Zero’: defining the direction of travel for the built environment

Net Zero goals are achievable - but only if we all move towards greater accountability and routine progress reports.